The ordering and payment solution from this moment

Start easily with your own ordering site where your guests order and pay online, after which the order is picked up or delivered.

Your guests scan the QR code from the table that forwards them to your own ordering site!

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  • Corona-proof
  • Sharpest rates
  • Fast up and running
  • Easy online ordering and sell

Your own webshop within 24 hours

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With EasyServed you can easily and quickly start your own ordering site. Your guests place their order via their smartphone, tablet or computer, which they then pick up or have delivered. You can then track orders online, via a receipt printer or linked to your cash register system. In addition to selling products, it is also possible to receive reservations.

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Scan QR code at the table

Thanks to our latest development, you can get started completely corona-proof! The customer scans a QR code on the table after which they are automatically forwarded to the personalized order page of your location.

This way you can easily order yourself at the table and you will receive a notification when the order is ready to make. When the order is ready, your customer picks up the order himself or you serve it at the table. Also payment is easy via the QR code and the order site, so you don't have to deal with cash.

Yes, easy as that. Interested in QR scanning?

How it works



Can be canceled monthly

  • Digital menu
  • Tables & QR codes
  • Order system
  • Order as a waiter
  • Print & Go
  • Preparation locations
  • Dashboard
  • Permissions
  • Collection notifications
  • Checkout interface (Twelve, Quarto, ...)
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*Transaction costs: Bancontact & Payconiq 0.14 cents/transaction, Credit cards 1.24%/transaction

Why to choose EasyServed?

Easy online ordering & selling

Thanks to the Qr code, your customers can order very easily and conveniently from home or on location.

Personalized website

A professional and completely personalized website without further worries and all technology, … that’s what EasyServed offers!

Clear reporting & insight into peak times

At any time, with one click an overview of your orders, turnover both per day, month and per person.

Quickly up and running

Simple back office to get your personalized website up and running immediately.

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